Commercial Moves

Your Best Choice for Commercial Moving

From medical complexes to high rise office buildings and moving of office items, our professional commercial movers will always keep your business functioning while moving your items. Your business is your source of revenue and it’s essential to keep it functioning. Our business is to ensure your commercial move is stress-free and successful. With our specialized services, loading expertise and move plans, no other commercial moving company can beat us.
For Commercial Moves, We Offer Many Services Which Include:

• Long-distance and office relocations.
• Commercial and retail moves throughout southern California.
• Loading and unloading of office items.
• Executive relocation packages.

The prospect of packing and moving your business from one location to another is a stress-full one. There are wide varieties of factors that need to be considered when planning a commercial move. This is where Family Affair Moving comes in. We have a team of experienced and reliable professionals in commercial moving services that are ready to provide assistance for your moving needs.

We can start by providing an assessment of your moving needs by knowing the logistics that will be needed during the move. The Family Affair Moving understands how essential this move is to the success of your business, and we’ll ensure all of the details are carefully managed so you can get back to work immediately.

Downtime is Your Enemy

One of the major things to consider is knowing how long you’re going to stop work in order to move your items into a new building. Our team will help to limit your downtime so your staff can get back to work and ensure your business stay on track. With our experience and thorough preparation in commercial moving, we can streamline and limit the downtime for your commercial moving.

Get Organized Ahead of Time
With the possibility of a commercial move, getting prepared and organized is crucial. Things like making sure you have backup plans in case some pieces don’t work as expected or making sure