Loading and Unloading

Family Affair Moving- Loading and Unloading Services

Moving does not always mean ‘’hop into a vehicle and drive across California”. Whether you need properties or items loaded into a container for a move within or out of state, Family Affair Moving is here to help you. We will offer you the needed recommendation and make sure that you choose the right one. No matter how small or big your items or properties are, Family Affair Moving is here to help your loading and unloading needs.

Truck Load and Unload Services

If you are moving your office or home items in your own truck, you need to think about who will be doing all that hard work which involves preparing the items, loading, moving them and eventually unloading them from the truck. If you think you need a little help from knowledgeable movers, Family Affair Moving is here to help. We have bonded, licensed and trained movers who is ready to help load and unload any vehicle such as:

• Cargo vans, cars or SUVs.
• Your own pick-up or larger trucks.
• Shipping containers and storage pods.
• U-Haul trailers.
• Rented moving trucks.

Your Loading and Unloading Made Easier when you Hire Expert

For small businesses and individuals who prefer to move themselves, Family Affair Moving can offer extra labor through our professional movers to load or unload your truck. Our movers are qualified and trained to load and unload effectively and efficiently. We guarantee that with their help they’ll make your job faster and easier.

Loading and unloading trucks involve hard work. Moving pieces of furniture such as desks, sofas, dressers, beds, filing cabinets or appliances such as washers, dryers and refrigerators, can be difficult and can cause strain on your back, if you attempt to move big items on your own. To ensure you have the right supplies to get the job done, we can also supply:

•Shrink wrap or bubble wrap.
•Pads and blankets.